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Fake Oakley Sunglasses
Fake Oakley Sunglasses

Friday, November 4, 2016

How knockoff Oakley Sunglasses Assure A Safe Drive during the Night

  Hi, in this passage we are discussing how knockoff Oakley sunglasses assure your drive's safety during the night.
As the statistics show that the rate of a traffic accident happen at night is 1.5 times greater than that of the day, and 60% major traffic deaths happen at the night.
When driving at night, the light and flash monitoring on the road will cause strong stimulation to the eyes or even damage. According to the scientific study, human eye's pupil automatically shrink from normal 5~8 mm to 1 mm or less in the light stimulation, the amount of light which into the eyes are reduced to more than 1/16 of the original. What's worse, due to the too many instant light the pupil could reply, the amount of light fell sharply, you will suffer a symptom like night blindness, therefore, many traffic accidents can happen under this circumstance. Thanks for Replica Oakley Sunglasses all the problems are solved.
Oakley Night Driving Sunglasses

In order to make your drive safe, here are the solutions to drive safely at the night( from the perspective of wearing a pair of cheap knockoff Oakley sunglasses):
The so-called night driving mirror, colored polarized lenses has whitening effect is pelosi. Since it is a colored lens, it will cause the light extinction. Because the night light dark, and then wear colored glasses, it will reduce the visual clarity, affect the judgment. In the course of the meeting, wearing a light driving mirror can eliminate opposite light caused by the vision is not clear, but from a medical point of view, is not recommended to wear a long time, or in the city wear, try not to wear a long drive. Night driving mirror not only at night (evening wear), it can be worn in rainy days and fog light is relatively dark, can effectively eliminate the vehicle headlight glare produces, increase color saturation, with a credit function, which allows the driver to clear vision, a more accurate understanding of the road!
Cheap Oakley Sunglasses for Night Driving 

1. The ordinary cheap knockoff Oakley sunglasses or a colored change glasses: they are only suitable for daytime wear, night drive will seriously affect the vision (national standards require that the night driving glasses light transmittance must over 75%), which the general cheap fake Oakley sunglasses cannot meet the requirements.
2. The ordinary light yellow night driving mirror and the color gradient driving mirror: the ordinary light yellow goggles can only block 20-30% light, which is undoubtedly not enough; while all-weather driving mirror can weaken the light, but the dark vision effect the road safety, which, unfortunately, also does not meet the national standards for night driving glasses.
A good night driving Oakley sunglasses should be able to block more than 80% light from the other car, while the main lens's light transmittance is supposed to surpass 75%. Only if we are not affected by the light at the night, the drive will be relatively safe (if we are concentrating enough).
Therefore, wearing a pair of good driving goggles can ensure the safety of drive during the night. And here is the best place to buy Fake Oakley Sunglasses: www.fakeoakleysunglassessale.com

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Specular Reflection and the Scratch-Resistant Coating of the Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses

      Specular Reflection and the Scratch-Resistant Coating of the Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses. When it comes to Cheap Oakley sunglasses, most people may think of its frame and lenses. So how much do you know about the Oakley sunglasses? How many information have you known about its structure and processing technology? What kind of UV protective coating do the fake Oakley sunglasses use? What the differences between different coatings and processing technology? Today, we are going to talk about the structure of the knockoff Oakley sunglasses from a detailed angle, hope you will get more familiar with its component.
In the former email, we discussed the polarized cheap Oakley sunglasses; actually, it is a part of its structure. To be specific, the Oakley sunglasses, from a micro point of view, usually consist of the polarization, the specular reflection, the scratch-resistant coating, the reflect-resistant coating and the UV-resistant coating. In today's passage, we plan to go through the specular reflection and the scratch-resistant coating.
Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Reflection and Mirror

Specular reflection
Reflective Oakley sunglasses lenses can be as reflective as the mirror. The lens is coated with a very thin reflective-resistant coating, which is called a semi silver -plated surface due to the fact of its rareness. The term "semi - silver - plated surface" is named because the very sparse part of reflective molecules it contains, with only about half of the number of molecules that make the lens opaque. At the molecular level, the reflective molecules are uniformly dispersed on the surface of the lens, to form a layer of even film on above, but only half of the lens is covered by the film. This half of the silver plated surface can reflect about half of the light that reaches its surface, while the other half is directly through the light.
Usually, the mirror coating is gradually changed, the color depths of the paint change from top to the bottom. This can enhance the ability to resist the light from the top, while allowing more light reflects from the bottom and the horizontal direction. This means that when you are driving, when knockoff Oakley sunglasses are in the shielding of the sun's rays, it also allows you to see the dashboard clearly. Sometimes the paint is a doubled gradient, the upper and lower parts of the lens color are the deepest, and the middle part is clear.
The key problem of reflective Oakley sunglasses is that the coating is easily scratched. Apparently, these cheap fake Oakley sunglasses manufacturers have not been able to successfully plate the scratch resistant layer on its reflective film's surface. Therefore, the anti scratch layer is coated on the surface of the lens, and the reflective film is coated on the top of the anti scratch layer.
Anti scratch protective layer
Glass is a natural anti scratch material, but the vast majority of the plastics are not. In order to solve this problem, the manufacturer has come out a series of methods. That is being said, to apply for a layer of transparent and strong film on the surface of the lens. This kind of film is made up of the diamond carbon film and polycrystalline diamond sintered materials to paint a thin but durable layer of film on the surface of the lens through the ionization process. Buy Best Knockoff Oakleys Online : www.fakeoakleystrade.com

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

X Metal Oakley series is Knockoff Oakleys Top Peak

X Metal Oakley series, sunglasses.iabmc.com Knockoff Oakleys top peak. Sunglasses in the history of the history of the current does not exceed a magic. The integration of function, performance, and science fiction, all our back rate as one of the pinnacle. Knockoff Oakley Metal X series has been described as a new philosophical meaning in the history of sunglasses, a revolution, a fusion of the design concept of anarchy and sculpture. Titanium alloy was applied in x-metal. C5 alloy, the alloy showed a striking strength to weight ratio. Its characteristics make it very suitable for extreme performance requirements. The breakthrough of architectural mechanics.
Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses Sale Fake

X-metal's Oakley series of his science fiction shape. 1997 x-metal Oakley series of the first paragraph, since it became popular in Europe and the United States and Hollywood. The most famous is "x-metal Penny ruby" X - men, so many lovers collection. "Black Hawk Down" movie actor Juliet captured the hearts of millions of men and women a. In "the matrix", "Spider Man", "blade", "Mission Impossible" can be seen in figure fake Oakleys.
The magic of the xmetel Oakley series is the rarity of materials. Unique design of the different. Sharp science fiction. The effect of clear lens, anti oil, anti fragment. Fake Oakley sunglasses lenses are made of Plutonite material, in addition to 100% block UV light and harmful to vision, the clarity of the United States more than the industrial standard ANSI. In addition, the anti-collision function tested with a 12 gauge shotgun. Its different colors have different reflective coating, can transmit 7%-96% of light, with different needs.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wearing best cheap knockoff Oakley Sunglasses

Long long ago, on the night of Andy's anniversary, the eyes with Fake Oakley Sunglasses slowly opened. Suddenly, the eyes looked in one direction and there is a million toys museum in that city. The streets were quite silent. But the whole museum celebrated the Andy's anniversary. No one is allowed to go out of the museum. No one thought of that she needed to go out to find her husband wearing best cheap knockoff Oakley Sunglasses.
 Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

They were so happy that most of them were drunk. Andy came back from the washroom, she couldn't found her husband and the sunglasses. She anxiously searched all local museums but found nothing. And a voice said “Do you want to find your husband? Go out of the museum, run to the seaside and you will find your husband.” “Who are you? Why you take away my husband?” Andy asked. “You only have one hour.” Andy knew that there was a rule in the museum: no one was allowed to go out of the museum unless taking a good Oakley Sunglasses. Looked around the museum, all the toys, but no her husband. Andy felt sad, she thought that it was significant to search her husband. Even she didn't know whether what the voice said was true or not.

Andy went out of the museum secretly. In the dark night, Andy was not afraid about that because it is dark every day in the museum. She ran to the seaside quickly. She seemed to hear a loud hissing. At the same time, the eye corner was bending. As closing to the seaside, the day become brighter. Andy had never seen the sunshine. Andy felt the warmth of sunshine, felt the breath of nature. Her footsteps became slow ,light. She enjoyed the feelings that she had never had. Gradually, she forgot the purpose that she was finding her husband. She came to the seaside,put the knockoff Oakleys on and laid on the beach and enjoyed the happy time.

“Don't you go back?” the voice asked. “Had I not seen the sun, I could have borne the shade.” Andy said,"I just want to enjoy the sunshine." Andy's favorite love was herself. Andy comfortably fell asleep. But she was becoming more and more small. Eventually became a pool of water, leaving a pair of cheap fake Oakley Sunglasses on the sand. That’s right, Andy was an ice sculpture. That is why the toys in the museum did not be allowed to go out of the museum.The eyes closed. Where was the Andy’s husband? Did he also turn into a pool of water? No one knew. Who cares? May be the eye.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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