Fake Oakley Sunglasses

Fake Oakley Sunglasses
Fake Oakley Sunglasses

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Classification of knockoff Oakley Sunglasse lenses

A pair of Oakley sunglasses consists of lens and frames. And how much do you know about the lenses? In fact, it has a lot to do with the quality while picking a suitable Oakley for your own, such as photochromic lens Oakley sunglasses, mercury sunglasses and so on. If you know the differences between different lenses, you will know why their prices differ so much.
Oakley Fire Iridium Lenses

1. Oakley Colorful Sunglasses
Cheap knockoff Oakley Sunglasses
lenses can be divided into five kinds in accordance with the manufacturing skills as below:
In the lens manufacturing process, it coupled with a number of chemicals, so that the cheap Oakley lenses become colored in order to absorb light of the specific wavelength, to achieve the purpose of light reduction and light transformation. The fake Oakley sunglasses that use this lens is our most commonly used sunglasses, also known as "stained lenses";
2. Oakley Polarized solar lens
The lens that has been coated with a layer in the manufacturing process to filter sunlight reflected from the water, road or snow from the opposite direction is called sun polarizing lens. This kind of Fake Oakleys polarized lens comes with a very strong filter function, which is most suitable for use in outdoor sports, fishing, steer.
3. Oakley Colored lenses
Obviously, this lens is the colored on the lens surface, this lens has the same effect with the lenses are generally riotous with color. Myopic Oakley sunglasses are usually disposed in this way.
4. Oakley Color changing lenses
To add a chemical substance silver halide on the lens, the lens have been lit colorless in case of strong light will become colored lenses; This knockoff Oakleys is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and also known as the "photographic lens".
5. Oakley Anti reflective sunglasses lens
This lens is coated of a thin layer of magnesium fluoride on the outer surface, in order to avoid light reflection and to see more clearly. To test if your Oakley sunglasses are anti reflective protective lenses, you can put it toward the light directly, to see if there is purple or green light. If so, it means it has been painted with anti reflective protective film. I believe people who often wear myopic glasses must have the same experience.
1. We recommend Oakley gray and brown lenses; try to see if there is a sense of syncope and high degree of dialysis.
2. People who have myopia degree beyond 600, or have a serious astigmatism, should not wear myopia sunglasses.
3. For people who often drives has a higher demand of higher quality lens, we suggest using Oakleys sunglasses clip or sunglasses set, it is simple and easy to apply with lower price, perhaps the safest; or there are polarized myopia sunglasses.
4. Often participate in outdoor sports such as hiking, walking myopia, we recommended Oakley sport sunglasses, the clamp and myopia do the sunglasses with a pair of Oakley Radar or Jawbreaker on the proper exercise, can be turned on and turned to the same switch, bad habits field environment; of course the number of low degree also can direct selection Polarized Sunglasses myopia.
5. Ought to choose eye health favorable high quality cheap sunglasses,such as TAG resin or photochromic lenses Cai Si from Germany,Heuer from Japan, Yishilu from France, all boost an excellent optical function and reliable color effect.
Cheap Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses Lenses

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