Fake Oakley Sunglasses

Fake Oakley Sunglasses
Fake Oakley Sunglasses

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cheap Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses Frame Materials is the most essential factors of the quality

Have you ever paid attention to the frame quality when picking a pair of Cheap Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses? In fact, the Fake Oakleys Frame Materials is one of the most essential factors of the quality inspection. Therefore, in today's passage, we are aim to discuss the Oakley frame material from its pros and cons one by one:
1. Cheap Oakleys Pure titanium frame
This kind of pure titanium frames is the most widely favored, because of its strong corrosion resistance, lightweight and university stability. All the Oakley pure Titanium frames come with a PTI logo. Titanium frame is super foldable, and won't deform in any condition.
Advantage: the lightest, anti radiation, durable;
Defect: expensive (at least 200 yuan)
2.Fake Oakleys B titanium (titanium alloy) frame
The frame has good elasticity; the frame made of beta titanium will bounced to its original shape quickly after strong impaction, so some leg frame or beam are often made by titanium to lessen stress on the nose. The Oakley price is higher than the pure titanium because the extra materials added in it.
Strengths: lightweight, greater elastic and slimmer than the pure titanium frame.
Defect: there are many fake B titanium frame in the market. The Japan-made B titanium will be good.
3.Knockoff Oakleys Memory titanium frame
With memories and can go back to the original shape quickly. For now, almost every Oakley sunglasses is made of memory titanium.
Strengths: ultra light, super elastic, strong memories, do not fade, do not deform, durable.
Defects: lower corrosion resistance than pure titanium frame.
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4. Replica Oakleys Plate frames:
Most of the current sheet component is cellulose acetate; there are a small amount of high qualified frame is made of prop ionic acid fiber. It is applicable to the high degree of myopic and amblyopic people, light weight, easy to deformation, durable.
Advantage: with a certain degree of flexibility, the shape will be recovered after a slight force or strain. Incineration-resistance, lightweight, will not fade from UV light, high hardness and good gloss, with simple and fashionable appearance; decorative accessory.
Defects: cannot stand the high temperature and corrosion performance is relatively lower.
5. Discount Oakleys TR - 90 material frames:
TR 90 (plastic titanium) is a kind of memory of polymer materials; it is currently the most popular ultra light frame. With super patience, impact resistant, this can avoid damage to the eyes and face in motion due to crack or conflict.
Advantages: lightweight, beautiful color, bump resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical residue free.
Defect: lower high temperature resistance than titanium frame.
6.Real authentic Oakleys Acrylic frame, resin frames and PC frames.
These materials or frames are either not high temperature and easy deformation or poor elasticity.
To sum up, titanium alloy frame is the best among titanium alloy frame, plate frame and TR 90 frame, win by its feature of lightweight, corrosion resistance, skin-damage-free, and not easy to deform.
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